eBook Pb-NiCD-NiMH-NaNiCl Batteries 2021

Copyright  © www.batteriestransport.org 92 BATTERIES,  CONTAINING  SODIUM  -­‐  WASTE UN  3292 Applies  to: Waste  Sodium/nickel  chloride  batteries  (Na/NiCl) Batteries  containing  sodium  must  not  contain  dangerous  goods  other  than  sodium,  sulphur  or  sodium  compounds  (e.g.  sodium polysulphides  and  sodium  tetrachloroaluminate).  Batteries  must  not  be  offered  for  transport  at  a  temperature  such  that  liquid elemental  sodium  is  present  in  the  battery  unless  approved  and  under  conditions  established  by  the  appropriate  national authority. UN  No., Proper Shipping Name UN  3292,  BATTERIES,  CONTAINING  SODIUM Class 4.3 Packing Group not  assigned Hazard  Label • Labels  must  be  in  the  form  of  a  square  set  at  an  angle  of  45°  (diamond-­shaped)  with  minimum dimensions  of  100  mm  by  100  mm;  except  for  air  transport  mode,  labels  dimensions  may  be reduced  in  the  case  of  packages  of  such  dimensions  that  they  can  only  bear  smaller  labels. • They  must  have  a  line  5  mm  inside  the  edge  and  running  parallel  with  it. Specific Requirements Batteries  must  consist  of  cells  secured  within  and  fully  enclosed  by  a  metal  casing  so  constructed and  closed  as  to  prevent  the  release  of  the  dangerous  goods  under  normal  conditions  of  transport. IATA Transport mode ADR IMDG Passenger Aircraft Cargo P408 P408 PI  492 • Batteries  may  be  carried  unpacked  or  in  protective  enclosures  (e.g.  fully enclosed  or  wooden  slatted  crates).  The  terminals  shall  not  support  the weight  of  other  batteries  or  materials  packed  with  the  batteries. • Packagings  need  not  to  be  approved. Waste  batteries  and  batteries  being  shipped for  recycling  or  disposal are  forbidden  from air  transport unless  approved  by  the appropriate  national  authority  of  the  State  of Origin  and  the  State  of  the  Operator. Packing instructions Additional  requirements • Batteries  shall  be  protected  against  short  circuit  and  shall  be  isolated  in such  a  manner  as  to  prevent  short  circuits. Weight  limit No  limit No  limit Forbidden Forbidden Tunnel  code (E) -­‐ -­‐ -­‐ Transport  cat. 2 -­‐ -­‐ -­‐ Exemptions chapter limit  ≤  333  kg  Net -­‐ -­‐ -­‐ Marking  and Labelling  of Packages UN  3292 UN  3292,  CELLS,  CONTAINING  SODIUM Overpack OVERPACK +  same  labels  as  above OVERPACK +  same  labels  as  above Documents Transport  document MDGF -­‐